Four Star Tool Rental provides a full line of skid steer equipment rentals for construction businesses. Our skid steer equipment is available in different capacities, letting you get the job done on time. Renting skid steer equipment that is best for your application would stop you from making additional spending that is not necessary for an oversized machine. You will also not be risking taking loads that are the beyond your capacity. We offer you the choice of selecting skid steer equipment with the operating capacity and size that is suitable for the job at hand. We will provide you with all the information about skid steer equipment listed on our website.

If you don’t use skid steer equipment on a daily basis, the cost of ownership and maintenance of this heavy equipment is prohibitive. Investing money in equipment that is less frequently used won’t give you much return on investment. We would help you cover your non-regular skid steer equipment needs with skid steer equipment rentals. We provide you with the flexibility to choose the right machine for your needs at a particular moment in time. Skid steer equipment rental is a trouble-free alternative to tying yourself to an expensive machine.